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Best Source for Science News/Commentary

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    Hi, I'm looking for a science/physics news source that reports important news and provides commentary on it. I'm really looking for a place that will explain the importance of what is happening. I realize this is subjective, but I find that many times I read science news and don't understand what its importance is(maybe I'm just slow). For example the article will describe a new discovery without explaining its possible applications or how it may spark research in a new area/way. Or explain that x amount of money is granted or taken away without commenting on what effect this might have. I'm wondering if science blogs would be a good way to get this commentary. Can anyone recommend places where I can find this, or am I just blind to the implications of the news?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    You might try asking about any particular news item at this link.

    Also, you could check PBS for any related information.

    In particular they have a program called NOVA that covers many interesting science topics. You could also check the NewsHour [PBS] for any related coverage. They often provide relatively in-depth coverage of science news.

    Scientific American is an excellent resource.

    You have to be careful with blogs as you have no way to know if the information presented is highly biased or not. Note that we don't allow science blogs as scientific references. PBS isn't a scientific resource, but the stories often focus on credible sources, and PBS has a long and respected history of excellence and accuracy in journalism.
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