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Schools Best university for theoretical physics

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    As I think this would be the right place to ask, I'd like to know what's the best university on earth that teaches (theoretical) physics and mathematics, which I both want to study, because I want to become a theoretical physicist. What would be the minimum requirements (also diplomas) to be permitted there? And what English diploma should I have to be permitted there, as English isn't my primary language?

    Either, is there a way I can obtain an IB if I don't attend an IB world school?

    Thanks in advance,

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    There isn't just one, unequivocal best - there are a whole list of really good ones, specializing in various areas of physics. Plus, it depends on whether you're interested in undergraduate education or graduate school (I'm guessing the former since you're talking about IB?)
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    Undergraduate education yes, I'm still in high school. So do you know a list of really good ones, specializing in theoretical physics?
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    Picking a school purely by its academic ranking is a certain path to misery. There are so many other more important factors...

    - Warren
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