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News Bill Maher's amusing open letter to the president

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    He's a bit more extreme than I am, but this is mostly pretty much right on.

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    Bill Maher is a funny, funny man.

    "You've performed so poorly I'm surprised that you haven't given yourself a medal."

    That's great. It's funny because..., well you know.
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    Didn't Herbert Hoover order the marines to open fire on a peaceful gathering of veterans in DC?
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    You mean the Bonus March.


    Two veterans were killed by a police officer, although it appears to have been before Hoover ordered in the cavalry.
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    I can see where this thread is going...so I'll stop it right here. It seems that all people do is bash Bush. He is the best president we have ever had--you'll see some day. :rofl: (Ha, just kidding!)
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    My personal favorite:

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    "Giving embryos the vote."

    Watch Rove snatch this one up. lol
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    I was watching an interview he did not long ago. He said he hoped Iraq would be a success, because failure would be tragic. He admonished liberals who take pleasure in failure for political spite against Bush. He also spoke about apathy toward politics in our nation, and how we need to work to involve more Americans in the process. I didn't see any of this as being extreme left.

    But yes, he is an intelligent and funny man. (I think Bush has already tried to be a cowboy too. :tongue: )
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    I was basing my comment solely on the quoted material. It is funny, but there are obvious stretches in it.

    THe points you say here that he made, all sound wonderful.
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    Of course it is funny because of the "grain of truth." :wink:
    I thought I'd mention that because I suspect conservative members didn't even read this thread due to labels placed on people like Bill Maher.
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