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Biochem help ?

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    Biochem help :(??

    Hi :smile:
    I have seen great people on this forum, can anybody please help me with this question?

    Q- The majority of cellular proteins and RNA are synthesized throughout the cell cycle and are only interrupted briefly during M phase. Synthesis of which of the following proteins occurs predominantly in S phase of the cell cycle?

    A) Cyclins

    B) DNases

    C) Histones

    D) RNA polymerases

    E) snRNPs (small nuclear ribonucleoproteins)

    F) Tubulins

    thanks in advance :shy:
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    Do you know what is the major evenet during the S-phase? This should eliminated four of the choice that do not have any related role with to this event. One choice has a direct role in contolling the S-phase events whereas the last remaining protein is an absolute require for DNA stability.

    this paper gives the answer
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    Thanks Ian

    I read about it. Histones is the answer. Sorry I am studying Biochemistry at med school, but was trying to solve questions before doing a good review. Sorry.
    Thanks again.
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