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Bionic technology tv show

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    So I watched The Incredible Bionic Man on Youtube the other day(link below). For those who have not seen it, a group of researchers take technology from all over the world and merge it into one robot. It is not the best technology available but it is impressive nonetheless.

    Subscribing to several different science sites, I often see new technology being development for regenerative medicine and robotics for the disabled. The improvements made every year are just as impressive as the last and I am convinced that the Special Olympics are going to be so amazing when amputees have robotic technology allowing them to run faster, jump higher, throw further, and etc.


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    I think you mean the Paralympics.

    The Special Olympics is for people with intellectual disabilities and their focus is much more on participation and fostering the heath and wellness of the athletes.
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    Wow, thank you for the correction! Completely different events
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