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Black Hole Firewall question

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    I was thinking about how a black hole evaporates and the firewall idea. If after Page time a firewall forms around the black hole, does that mean that the energy/mass, and entropy cannot increase anymore? The energy of the black hole is essentially supposed to be in the singularity, right? I think that is how it has an increase in energy. If the object coming into the black hole hits the firewall, then it cannot reach the singularity. Am I wrong about this? Am I misunderstanding a concept? Please help me clarify this.
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    For starters, taking the firewall hypothesis as true, any quantum gravity theory of which it is a part would have no interior singularity. Instead, there would be some not yet understood state of matter distributed in some not yet understood way in the interior. Can you try to rephrase your question with this in mind?
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    Isn't the singularity what makes the horizon? The horizon is a point of no return, but what causes it if there is no singularity?
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    One possible answer to that question is this paper: google "rovelli star"
    which will direct you to http://arxiv.org/abs/1401.6562.

    It conjectures what is there instead of a "singularity" (a mathematical breakdown with infinite density)
    and resolves the information loss problem, also gets rid of firewall. So you might be interested.
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    Wow! This is quite an awesome paper. Thank you for sharing.
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