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Black holes

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    How can be the black holes formed in proton -proton collision
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    Why do you think that this can happen?
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    i'am only talking about probablities so in ultra high energy collisions i think there is a probability of formation of black holes
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    Maybe you're thinking about the ideas from about 10 years ago where it was proposed that if there are extra dimensions which only affect gravity, gravity can be much stronger at high energies/small distances. For some values of the size of the extra dimensions there was a possibility that the LHC reached this energy and that the colliding protons would create a microscopic black hole.

    This is one of the original articles examining BH production at the LHC:

    This is one of the articles which proposed the extra dimension-scenario:

    Of course, there hasn't been found any black holes at the LHC and many probably agree that these ideas were quite speculative.

    Here is a review from the Particle Data Group on searches for extra dimensions:
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