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Homework Help: Block, inclined plane problem

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    Can someone please expain how to do this problem? I have spent about an hour today on this can and still cant figure it out.

    In the arrangement shown in the figure, a wedge of mass [tex]m_{3} = 3.45kg[/tex] is placed on a smooth horizontal surface. A small and light pulley is connected on its top edge. Two blocks having mass [tex]m_{1} = 1.3[/tex] and [tex]m_{2} = 1.5kg[/tex] are connected at the ends of the thread. [tex]m_{1}[/tex] is on a smooth horizontal surface and [tex]m_{2}[/tex] rests on inclined surface of the wedge. Base length of wedge is 2m and inclination is 37 degrees. [tex]m_{2}[/tex] is initially near the top edge of the wedge. All surfaces are smooth, g = 9.8m/s2.

    http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/4812/lomyw4.png [Broken]

    If the whole system is released from rest, calculate

    a) the velocity of the wedge when m2 reaches its bottom.
    b) velcoity of m2 at that instant and tension in the thread during motion of m2.

    Please help.
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    Start with a free body diagram for each block. The tension in the string is uniform, and the blocks move the same distance.
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