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BMW i3 vs Tesla Model S

  1. Feb 21, 2013 #1
    I've decided my next car is going to be an electric. Never owned a fancy car before, so I was wondering why not this time. The short listed ones are BMW i3 and Tesla model S. Shortlisted based on cheaper model of a reputed brand.

    BMW i3 is not yet released. Anyone has any recommendations? I drive about 230 miles a typical week.
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    Well, in terms of looks, I think the Tesla Model S is a lot sexier. Afterall, it's a sedan while the i3 is a mini. (yuck)

    That's just my opinion though. Looking at the facts, the Model S has longer range with all available battery capacities. However, the i3 will have a faster charge (I would assume considering the energy capacity is significantly smaller).

    Driving 230 miles is not a lot. So that's 46 miles a day assuming you are talking about a 5 day work week. The i3 will definitely be able to drive you that distance so both cars will meet your driving needs. Just don't forget to charge them! With the i3, do it every night!

    If you're in America, buy the Tesla Model S. Be an American patriot and support our car companies. :-)
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