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Bohr model of the atom

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    Eisberg and Resnick says that the condition for stability of the atom is:

    k Ze2/r2=mv2/r

    What I fail to understand is why the Z isnt square too. I mean surely you have Z electrons interacting with Z protons which which would surely give q1q2=(Ze)(-Ze)=-Z2e2?

    What am I missing?
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    Philip Wood

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    No. They are dealing with a one electron atom. You might say: then it's hydrogen, so why not put Z = 1? They leave Z open so the same treatment will do for, an He+ ion and so on.

    Incidentally the equation you give isn't really the condition for stability. It is the classical F = ma equation for circular orbits. The stability condition is Bohr's condition: mvr = n[itex]\hbar[/itex].
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