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Book opinions wanted!

  1. May 13, 2004 #1
    hi! I was just wondering what books are available that you guys would suggest as a good "first book" or introduction to the topic of superstring theory. It's very interesting stuff to me, but unfortunately its also often over my head. :frown:

    thanks for any suggestions!

    ps - I'd even be happy with "avoid the following books" responses.. at least that would prevent me from wasting time (and/or money) at the bookstore with something that probably won't help me.
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    I don't know how good your elementary physics is..
    But I'd suggest The Elegant Universe (B.Greene) to everyone.
    This is a book without formulas..

    A more advanced book is
    J. Polchinsky, String Theory.

    Also this one is quite good (in fact it are two volumes):
    M.B. Green, J.H. Schwarz, E. Witten, Superstring Theory.

    Some online stuff:
    http://www.lassp.cornell.edu/GraduateAdmissions/greene/greene.html [Broken]
    The Second Superstring Revolution
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    Thanks! I've heard of The Elegant Universe. I think that's one I'll check out soon. And yeah, if it helps - my elementary physics knowledge is quite good, but I've never taken any advanced physics classes. Just did well in general physics 1 and 2.

    I also should have mentioned that I've already read:
    A Brief History of Time (Hawking)
    The Universe in a Nutshell (Hawking) - bit confusing, but fun.
    Beyond Einstein - Michio Kaku

    Anymore suggestions? All are welcome!
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