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Books for Beginners (Astronomy & Astrophysics)

  1. Jun 23, 2015 #1
    In the next month, I'll study about Astronomy and AStrophysics, so what are the good books for me ? Please ! I really love Astronomy !
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    Well this probably won't be the best advice but watching documentaries can be very very helpful especially if you're looking into a specific topic, like black holes or string theory or anything really. Im not sure if you're a beginner but learning the basic fundamentals of physics is very important, it also makes it easier to get in the mathematics if you have a good background on general physics theory. From what i've observed online these books are pretty popular in the Astrophysics/Astronomy community, The Elegant Universe ( great for a interest in string theory and astrophysics), Carrol-Ostlie's "An Introduction to modern astrophysics", The Universe in a Nutshell & A Brief History of Space and Time by Stephen Hawking and also Fundamental Astronomy (Springer-Verlag). I hope i helped in some essential way, also with theory try and get into Pre- calculus/ Calculus 1 after a good understanding of Astrophysics theory or during either way. Going on youtube and looking up on lectures can be very helpful, especially for calculus.
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    Thank for your help !
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    I'm glad i helped :)
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    The ugly part is you need a good understanding of calculus and other obscure knowledge, and like it,
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    Look for 365 Starry Nights: An Introduction to Astronomy for Every Night of the Year. It is a nice primer for Astronomy.
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