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Books: solid state, statistical, elementary particle physics

  1. Jan 10, 2009 #1

    Next semester I'll have solid state physics, statistical physics and and introductionary course in elementary particles. So I was wondering maby those of you who had those subjects could recommend me some books.
    I really liked books by Griffiths so far. Especially the one on QM which I am still reading together with Shankar's. So I was thinking about grabbing Griffith's book on elementary particles. But maby there is better?
    As far as statistical physics go I haven't really picked one but I have heard that the one by Franz Mandl is good. Is it?
    I am even less sure about solid state physics.
    So I guess what I really mean is that suggestions are more than welcome!

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  3. Jan 19, 2009 #2
    Look at " Electromagnetic FIelds and Waves", by Lorian and Corson. Amazing Electromagnetism text!!
    Quantum Mechanics, I really like text by Robinett. ( I wish I had anwsers to some of his problems)
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