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Aerospace Boundary Layer Thickness of Blunt Body

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    I am working on a hypersonic vehicle project and would like to calculate the boundary layer. The vehicle that I am studying is the Apollo re-entry capsule. I'm assuming a 2-D flow. Here's what I have done so far.

    Calculate the local surface inclination angle at any point on the blunt body surface (heat shield).

    Calculated the pressure coefficient, drag coefficient, pressure, and temperature of the surface.

    Essentially what I'm wondering is how do you calculate the pressure and temperature distribution from the blunt surface to the shock wave? Both are a function of y(distance away from the blunt body surface).
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    You will need to solve the compressible boundary layer equations. Luckily for you, the blunt edge of the Apollo capsules were spherical, so you can use the spherical (or I guess if you are doing 2-D, cylindrical) form of the boundary-layer equations.
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