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Medical Brain Function

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    I want to know have braindead people came back to life. I don't know that they can. Different from legal and clinical death brain death can be a last sigh on wether a person is alive or not.

    The reason I want to know is cause one of my family members has fallen into a comma and is on life support. Psychitrist came in with a machine hooked it to her head and said she had no brain function. The brain seems to be the residence of the qauntam consciousness. How it connects to the brain and makes impulses I have no idea.

    Also I'm hearing that the brain uses the most energy? Is that possible that the brain could use more calories than any organ the body? I mean if that were the case couldn't we think instead of exercising?
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    Typically the brain uses up to 30 percent of the day's calories. You can't get thin by thinking because the fuel your brain uses is glucose from carbohydrates. It can't burn fat from your body by thinking.

    Here is the wiki for comas
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    There is a difference between brain death and a coma. Brain death is the clinical determinant of death, so you don't come back to life after that. In a coma, there is brain function, but parts of the brain needed for wakefulness and responses to surroundings are shut down, and depending on the reason for the coma and how long a person has been in that state, they may have a chance of a normal recovery, or they may suffer some permanent brain damage but recover consciousness, while some may never come out of it.
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