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Branch of physics with many challlenges

  1. Oct 15, 2013 #1
    Hello everyone,
    The next year i am going to join a UG course in India. And i am going to take physics. From my childhood i loved astronomy. I used to attend every lecture held on astronomy in our area. My dream is to become a researcher in physics. I don't want to become a professor in physics teaching at colleges the same lessons everyday. In which branch of physics do we have lots of challenges??

    Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.:smile:
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    Challenges as in academic rigor? Or challenges as in problems that need to be solved for the good of humanity?

    There is a lot going on in private sector and research.

    I think you need to find a few subjects, and try and pick one that interests you the most. When you're passionately devoted to a problem, you're a lot more willing to mull over it night and day until you've made progress -- and then mull over it some more.

    Polymer physics/ material science, Geophysics, Accelerator physics (be ready for quite a bit of comp sci cross over here), etc. There are problems in every field, but the demand seems to be higher in those fields. I'd have to look up some numbers, but I hear these specific sub-fields thrown around a lot.

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    This is a bit puzzling.

    EVERY branch of physics has lots of challenges. If not, that branch will be dead, and no one will fund work in it!

    I know it may be difficult to hear someone tells you to be patient for now, but you'll know more about all the different fields in physics when you are about to finish with your undergraduate degree. Right now, I think you don't have a clear picture of the various fields in physics, and you may also have a distorted view of what it means to be a researcher, or a college professor.

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    Yes i agree that i am not aware of branches in physics. I want a branch of physics which is a combination of astrophysics and computer science(programming).
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    Then go for it. Most research in astrophysics involves a lot of programming.

    Just choose a university with a strong research program is astrophysics (you can usually find all relevant information on a university website) and enrol into an undergraduate physics course. Then try to get a research internship with your university as soon as possible.

    Currently it is still not too difficult to get job as a physicist in India. Nobody can tell whether it will still be possible in 10-15 years (when you finish your PhD), but you can always try and see how you fare.
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    thanks for guidance
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