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Bridge rectifier and symmetric power supply

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    Could some one explain how a bridge rectifier works with a diagram and its mathematics?

    Also please explain how a center tap transformer and a bridge rectifier are used to provide a symmetric power supply.
    I have the Ckt Diagram for that but I cannot understand its working.


    thanks in advance!
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    The normal bridge works as shown in the attached diagram. Red diodes are conducting. Just follow the arrows and look at the polarity.
    The capacitor will charge up to 1.414 times the full secondary voltage.

    normal bridge.PNG

    The Symmetric one gives negative and positive voltages.
    If you look at it as two full wave rectifiers, it will make more sense.

    See attached diagram.

    Each capacitor will charge up to 1.414 times half the transformer secondary voltage

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    thanks pal !!
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