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Brooms standing by themselves.

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    I did a quick google to make sure this hasn't been covered already on PF but came up with no hits. What's up? I haven't followed up very many google hits but in the last few days on facebook and in stupid text messages everyone is excited about being able to stand brooms up all by themselves. Anyone else heard this hype? I guess someone just realized something like this isn't physically impossible for the first time in history. I don't see it is any different than standing a dime on edge.
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    Why wouldn't they be able to? I guess most modern brooms are angled, so that would make it very difficult, but a quick google search yielded some conspiracy site with a video of a woman standing a "spooky" broom. The bottom was more or less flat. Why wouldn't it stand up? Facebook is just well, facebook...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It's all true.

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    I doubt they got there without any help, so "standing by themselves" isn't quite accurate ;-)
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    How great.
    It reminded me this masterpiece from Disney.

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