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Build a robot for physics class

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    Ok, so I am spose to build a robot for physics class as the last project.
    Me and my friends thought we should build a RC car with an LED heart on the top. THe problem is we are in need of direction. Does anybody know what is needed and what needs to be done to build a small RC car? If so plz reply.

    So far I have:
    Basic stamp micro controller from my sumo bot
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    Heres a two part document:
    http://www.blogcadre.com/blog/jason_striegel/howto_make_a_robot_car_-_part_1_overview_2005_10_25_13_22_21 [Broken]

    If you need specific help with the H-bridge (or LED circuits) post in the electrical engineering forums.

    Good luck!
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    I'me building a robot right now and its not that hard.Just go to the dollar store and buy some crappy remote conrol cars there.Use the engies to make it move << extra comment removed by berkeman >>
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