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Building A Communication Device

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    Basically like a cellphone. I am aware that it is pointless, like most things in this life, but it makes sense if you want to learn about things. So I have a question
    Using knowledge on communication technology, and a bunch of old cellular phones, is it possible to combine all of that hardware and create a brand new system?

    PS. If Anyone has the schematics for BlackBerry 8800, Sony Ericsson W910i and Sony Ericsson W610i can you all link me please :) Much Appreciated.
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    Everything's possible if time and energy is invested in it. In this case the requirements are too much high for an individual.

    Those companies do not leak their schematics. So nobody knows them. Even if you figure out the schematic and make a device they will sue you.
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    Not really. The devices are way too specialized to be reconfigured to be a different system.

    You would be far better off getting an amateur radio licence and building some simple transmitters and receivers.
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    I reckon that Cellphone technology will be so sophisticated that the appropriate "knowledge" required for a serious attempt at what you want to do would probably not be likely to be held by an individual. As with all complex electronic systems (and we're talking on the same level as that involved with Computer hardware and software design) sufficient knowledge probably requires a number of individual specialists, working at the same time.

    The basic protocols for communication must all be published as a standard (the simplest standards go back decades, now, as your oldest digital phone still can be used to make calls) but it would take a long time to get inside the whole system 'from scratch' to DIY a system.

    If you want to get into this sort of thing, dip a toe in the water first. You've no idea just how complex it is for a complete beginner. There is no equivalent to the Crystal Set in Digital Phones.
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    Look at this for an example of open hardware/software phones:
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    If you open the cell phone, I bet you'll find only a few big ICs. Those are likely to be custom designed that you won't find spec or anything. It must contain embedded processor, mixed signal RF link with their own phy and link layers. It is going to be extremely difficult and even possible, would take you a long long time to put one working.

    You want to play with these, go get a job and you get pay doing it.
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