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But answer came there none.

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    Is it only me, and if not was it ever thus?

    I am now and long term a bit miffed by the majority of non-responses to my help after I have thought up something. If there are any following posts they are often only by other helpers. Just a thx would be better than nothing, a solution would be better just in case it is wrong and also there are often some enlightening supplementary considerations. Like the man says in 'How to Prove It' when you've got the answer it's not finished! Maybe I am idealistic and all most students want is the answer to hand in and if we are a day late it has no value at all, though it also seems to me that answers do come as soon as anyone could reasonably expect.

    Would it be an idea for the site to encourage somehow a bit more responsiveness?
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    Well that would tick me off too. But I've found most people to be very thankful for my help, and I try very hard to provide the minimum possible assistance.
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    epenguin, it makes me sad that someone that helps doesn't feel appreciated. The staff here greatly appreciates everyone that helps.

    It's unfortunate that a lot of students come here demanding help and few stop to say thank you. Please don't feel discouraged.
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    Also, I've noticed the appreciation of help to be nearly directly proportional to the amount of effort explicitly shown in the original post.
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    I know it's rather uncommon, but as helpers we do occasionally get thanked by a student. I chalk it up to many students being under stress as they struggle with learning new material in who-knows-how-many different classes, and appreciate all the more those who take the time to post their appreciation.
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