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Cable Naming Convention in a Machine

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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to come up with a proper method of naming cables in our machine.( we develop vending machines.)

    Currently im using the following structure for cable names:

    Host-Target-cable Type

    for example: IPC-NAC-D ; which is Industrial PC - Note Acceptor - Data Cable

    But I believe there should be a more standard method of naming cables in the machine which can provide more information. I need these names to be printed and put on the cable at both ends.

    Do any of you know a standard way for naming? Any suggestions or experience?

    Thanks in Advance...
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    Personally I don't think there needs to be anything special in the name. Just something simple that lets you find both ends.

    I've gone back to installations I made years before and have never had a problem finding the correct cable.
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    if you're thinking of the repair technician, then it certainly wouldn't hurt to be more explicit and less cryptic about where the cable goes.

    also, it's good to have connectors keyed uniquely so that there's only one way to put things together.
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    I've used and seen various different ways of doing it. Just depends on your preference. Just make sure the drawings are correct!

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    Thanks stewartcs,

    Can you please describe few of the types that you have seen. I came up with one myself but i think there should be standards for this kind of things.

    Anyway if you can describe some of the ones that youve seen, it'd be great

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    I've used a slight variation on this: host - function - target. Be careful with applying labels and you don't have to worry about having ends swapped when you have no keys.
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    Once you decide on what naming convention you are going to use, you need to do the actualy labeling. The type of labeling system you use will depend on what type of cables you have. e.g. pulling wire in conduit, wire way runs, etc.

    I've used http://www.zip-ty.com//productlist.aspx?cid=4&c=ID%20Cable%20Ties" [Broken].
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