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Calc advice

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    Are there any good online courses for Calculus I. Or maybe some VHS or DVD's I can buy that will basically give me what a first semester of what Calculus I would teach me?

    I want to take Calculus II. I already took and passed Calc I a few years ago. The problem is that I don't remember anything from Calc I. Also, I just barely passed Calc I and didn't understand it that much when I did take it. It would probably become a lot clearer to me if I took it over again. However, I don't want to take Calc I over again since I already received a passing grade and the Calc I classes are always full so they're hard to get into. So that's why I was thinking of some sort of video lesson.

    Any advice?
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    Someone asked about this the other day. There was a link to a blog in their thread with some videos. I can't find it right now but try searching for it and see if you can...
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    Junior College is a nice alternative

    You might consider taking Calc I again at a "junior college".
    I was in a similar situation as yourself.. having taken Calc I awhile ago and wanting to continue my math education 10 yrs later..I earned a B in Calc I the first time and did not feel very confident about it.. To brush up, I just started the sequence again in the evening, at a junior college and continued thru Calc III, and even Adv Engr Math, (got all A's :biggrin:) ..

    Taking classes at a junior college, tend to be less crowded and with a smaller student to professor ratio, you can ask lots of questions. I didn't feel the quality of courses were compromised, as the prof was well qualified, having earned his mathematics PhD at an Ivy League University.
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    Sorry, I didn't see your reply until now Ouabache. I considered doing what you were saying, but the 3 closest community colleges have long wait lists for Calc 1. To enroll directly, I'd have to apply for admission to the college or university. But I'm taking classes through College of Extended Learning (basically, I'm a taxpayer so I get to take the classes I'm already paying for if there's room).

    That's why I was thinking about video lessons. 98% of the lecture is just watching what the prof is doing and taking notes. The other 2% is me asking questions. But that's what I have this forum for :)

    I noticed that there is an online Calculus I, II, & III series of classes through Suffolk University in Boston called Distance Calculus ( www.distancecalculus.com ) They claim that their units are transferable. It sounds interesting since it can keep my schedule flexable. And although I've never taken an online course, it seems like a good idea. But their price tag of $2300 for a 4-unit class is a little scary! Plus $100 for their software so I can manipulate formulas online. The local university is half this price, and the community colleges are 1/10 th this price.

    Does anyone know anything about Distance Calculus? I've e-mailed them lots of questions concerning their course, and I've received prompt replies, even on weekends.
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