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Homework Help: Calculate position of plate between two fluids

  1. May 23, 2016 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Problem is as shown in the picture. djA3Hjh.png
    The answer is meant to be a 4.59mm.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    Force (tau) acting on plate from both fluids is equal, as is velocity (du).

    mu1 (du/dy1) = mu2 (du/dy2)

    mu1/dy1 = mu2/dy2
    (mu2/mu1) *y1 = y2

    y1 + y2 + plate thickness = width
    y1 + y2 + 0.7937 = 12.7 mm

    By substituting in mu2/mu1 *y1 = y2 I obtain the answer y1 = 3.31 mm.

    Any help is much appreciated
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  3. May 24, 2016 #2
    Who says that the force (or shear stress) exerted by each fluid on the plate has to be the same? It seems to me this problem is under-specified.
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