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Calculate power required to operate superconducting magnet

  1. Mar 16, 2015 #1
    Dear Friends,

    The great problem lies in here : I have calculated the power requirement of an electromagnet. That Its huge . To minimize this power requirement I would like to see if its possible with super conducting magnet, but I am having a problem, because the power requirement are so low, that it cannot be, and also the turns naturally not valid, Only the Resistance which is very low 1.0e-02x.

    So having the resistance and the Amperes required using the P=U*I and I = U/R (remember its DC)
    then the power would be very low, that the amperes are simply not possible in real life.
    Against this I also happen to know the usual MRI devices uses 50-150 Amperes and some 20-50 volt. This makes some sense but in terms of power requirement still not.

    A 7-9 Tesla electromagnet have incredible mechanical capabilities as well.

    So, say I would like to have a magnet which can lift 1 tons from 2 meter.

    Anybody can help how to calculate this out with superconducting electromagnets?
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    Vanadium 50

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    The power to run these magnets is determined by the power of the refrigerator, not the resistive losses in the magnet.
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    thx I look into it.
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