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Calculate the values of resistors and capacitors

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    any body who can tell me how to calculate the values of resistors and capacitors in single pole double throw circuit?
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    Re: Spdt

    if its a switch, very low resistance

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    Re: Spdt

    how much low that would be? approximately zero?

    how can i calculate the values of capacitors and inductors involve in this circuit?
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    Re: Spdt

    you need to provide more info on your specific application. a switch working as a SPDT (single pole double throw) would need no added circuits
    resistance is depending upon the construction of the switch

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    Re: Spdt

    Basically, i am use this SPDT as a driver for pin diode and pin diode works as a switch.

    now i need to operate that between 300 Mhz-3Ghz... so i need some equations to calculate the values of elements using in SPDT inorder to drive the pin diode to switch on and off
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    Re: Spdt

    You already have a thread going on this subject in the EE forum:


    Please do not multiple-post across the forums with the same question.

    Now, one of the problems in both of these threads has been that you have asked obtuse, obscure, poorly-defined questions, with very little in the way of details. This makes it hard for us to help you, and makes it very tedious to read these threads.

    I understand that there is a language barrier issue, so it may be difficult for you to post much. But you really do need to provide much more detail about the circuit you are working with, or that you want to build, before we can be of help.
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