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Calculate voltage induced on a coil

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    Hi, i m new here n very poor in EE.. just want to ask that, is there any formula for us to calculate voltage induced on a coil if we have the info like the number of turns of the coil n the flux (mWb/sec)..
    cos i cant get from google as well...sorry for trouble n thanks for ur guiding...
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    This is Faraday's law of induction.

    V = -N (dΦ/dt)​


    Φ = B A​

    (B is the magnetic field, and A is the area of 1 loop in the coil)

    For a fixed area A, this becomes

    V = - N A (dB/dt)​
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    Hi adilee
    It is possible to get a dc voltage out of a coil, with the addition of an op-amp, a resistor and a capacitor. If the change in the field in the coil (by flipping it 180 degrees) is 2B, the coil area is A, and the number of turns is N, then the volt-seconds is 2 NAB. Put the voltage signal into an integrator circuit, as shown in the attached thumbnails at post #9 in thread
    and get a dc voltage out.
    Bob S
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