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Calculate Voltage or EMF from Charge difference

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    I have a problem about EMF and/or Voltage.
    Let their are 100 electron at a place A and 200 electron at place B. Now what will be the Voltage/EMF (Voltage or EMF difference)?????

    And How to calculate it ??

    In other words "How can I calculate Voltage or EMF if I know only Charge difference" ????
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    By using Coulomb's law, force between two point charge and electric field due to a point charge at a distance r can be calculated.

    But my problem is somewhat different. I don't want force or electric field, but voltage difference.

    My question is like this Let in a battery at one node 1 Coulomb charge and at other node their are 10 Coulomb charge. Now I want to calculate Voltage or EMF (difference).

    How to do that ???
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    Reference:Physics (second edition), by Hausmann and Slack.
    page 450
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