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Homework Help: Calculate volume using double integrals

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    What is the volume of a barn that has a rectangular base 20 ft by 40 ft, vertical walls 30 ft high at the front (which we assume is on the 20-ft side of the barn), and 40 ft high at the rear? The barn has a flat roof. Use double integrals to compute the volume.
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    Didn't you read the imformation you were supposed to have read when you signed up for this forum?

    You try, yourself, first. Show us what you have tried to do first and then we will help you.
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    I know this may slightly break the rules, but I will give you a hint: pretend the barn is a trapezoidal prism (an odd block, if you will). Put the floor/base along the plane that is created by the x and y axis (the roof will extend in the z direction). This will *help* set up the double integrals...
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