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Homework Help: Calculating odds

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    i was trying to calculate the odds of winning the lotto 6/49 6 diffrent numbers and the numbers go from 1 - 49 could any one calculate it and show me the formula i thought it would be 49*48*47...*43 but that does not seem right
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    The probability of choosing the winning number would be 1 out of the number of ordered 6-character strings you can create from a 49 character set without replacement. The latter number is what you calculated, 49 choices for the first character multiplied by 48 choices for the second character, and so on for 6 factors.
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    yes but sequencially multplying thes numbers together gives me 10068347520 which is alittle hey because people usually win the lotto every week and im sure not that many tickets are sold
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    Or using the definition of the combination...


    It's about 1 in 14,000,000, the number you've been hearing in the news for the past week.
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    It does not matter in what order you receive your six numbers, so it is a combination, which is the permutation divided by 6!
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