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Homework Help: Calculating Static Friction and the Coefficient of Friction

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    *** Title says static - need kinetic friction!!!

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Find the amount of kinetic friction. A block with mass of 0.422kg slides down a ramp from rest. Given: acceleration = 1.58m/s^2, mass = 0.422kg, theta = 29.0°, velocity two (end): 1.7m/s, and total time is 1.10s. I also need to find the coefficient of friction.
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    Start by drawing a free body diagram. When you say "acceleration = 1.58m/s^2", what is meant? Is that the acceleration of the block down the ramp, or the acceleration of the block due to gravity? (AKA where does the acceleration vector point).

    That's the most I'm willing to help until I see some attempt at a solution.
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