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Calculating the Frequency of White Light

  1. Nov 5, 2014 #1
    I am doing a research project on sonoluminescence and I want to measure the ratio between the frequency of the sound waves needed to create the cavitation bubble to the frequency of the light emitted. If I have the spectral lines of the light emitted, is there a way to measure the frequency of the white light?

    Thank You!
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    White light does not have a frequency. It is a mixture of waves with frequencies in a specific range.
    You can measure the frequencies of the spectral lines that you mention. Why did you ever mention white light? Do you think you have white light emitted by your system?
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    White light is, by definition, comprised of multiple individual frequencies. You could measure each individual frequency, but it is meaningless to ask about "the frequency of white light".
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    Measure the wavelength using a spectrometer, then calculate the frequency using the wavelength and the speed of light.
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    Sounds good. I know we have one at our school so I can do that. Thanks so much! this can help a lot.
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