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Calculating the turning moments for a passive wind turbine under yaw

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    I have been looking for some simple equations that describe the turning moments on the rotor as wind direction changes. I know this can be relatively complex but I am looking for simplified equations. Has anyone got any information where I can find these? The wind turbine is a small horizontal axis passive turbine with a tail vane. Focus here is on the rotor.
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    Thanks for the links :)

    The second article mentions
    "The typical form of such systems consists of a roller bearing connecting the tower and the nacelle, along with a tail fin mounted on the nacelle which aims to apply an apt torque to the nacelle so as to turn the turbine rotor to the direction of wind."

    I have searched everywhere but I can not find an equation that lets me calculate this torque in simplistic terms. If someone has come across it before please let me know.
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