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Calculation of capacitance of transmission lines

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    Capacitance between two plates is defined as the charge accumulated per unit potential difference between those plates. But in the case of transmission lines how can we define it? The potential difference any two conductors in a group of several conductors can be derived in terms of the charges on individual wires. But how can we calculate the capacitance because there is an ambiguity in this case. The charges on both the conductors are not the same!
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    Perhaps this link will help:
    http://www.tup.com.cn/Resource/tsyz/030533-01.pdf [Broken]
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    Well, thank you
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    You can look in one of those Engineering Electromagnetic Text book. They have a section on capacitance of different transmission lines like parallel plates, coax, parallel lines etc. You can study how they derive the formulas also. Good book would be "Fiend and Wave Electromagnetics" by David K Cheng.

    This is too long to write it out here, it is like 5 to 6 pages of text book.
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