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Calculus II tips

  1. Nov 14, 2015 #1
    Hey there, I will be taking calculus 2 this spring semester and I would like to know what topics from calc 1 I should be reviewing, I did receive a B+. I am also aware that trig is highly involved and my trig skills are not that good, so if there's anything from trig that is mandatory to review I would highly appreciate it. Thanks for all your support.
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    Be able to do every u sub integral from calc 1 in your head. Know your arctrig functions and don't get behind when you get to series.
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    Know basic trigonometry for sure. If ANYTHING was supposed to be presented and studied about trigonometry IN Calculus 1 but was not covered, YOU COVER IT YOURSELF before starting Calculus 2. Otherwise you may become behind and might never catchup during the semester.
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    Thanks a ton!
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    Thank you! Will try to do my best.
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