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Can i obtain Channel Section?

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    I am deisigning a pin jointed machine that uses some standard channel section. I am having difficulty getting consisitency with the channel section (type BS10279:2000 Hot Rolled Steel Channels) dimensions due to the wide nominal tolerances.

    Is anyone aware of any channel/U -Section that has much tighter tolerances over the flatness, height, length, thickness, radius' etc?

    I dont' want to resort to welding jigged sheet steel together to obtain the correct dimensions.

    If anyone is aware of anything then i would be more then greatful,


    Mech King
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    The only thing I know of is ASTM A6/6M which pretty much spells out the variations allowed in shapes and plates.

    Just what kind of tolerances/problems are you wanting/experiencing? Could anything be solved by so,e properly selected limited local machining processes?
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    Hi Fred cheers for the reply,

    my main issue has been with flatness of the channel flanges - which when drilling concentric holes, has become a more time consuming process with the obvious associated costs. Also, the flange thickness varies by about +/- 1.5mm if i remeber correctly, and if both flange thicknesses are out the the clearence will be greatly increased or reduced. Just wanted to get more consistency with it because each length of channel is widely different from the other it would seem.

    I will okk into what you specified and see if i can get tighter tolerances.

    cheers again

    Mech king
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    Yeah. That's pretty much the run of the mill (pardon the pun). I honestly have never seen anything better that wasn't a custom extrusion.

    Does it have to be steel? There are some more expensive, but mass produced aluminum sections that would fit your needs.
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    The Aluminium section will be too weak for the design, its a mechancial lift, i think i may be able to get away with AL section though, if i down-rated the max weight of the lift - which wouldn;t be out ofthe question. I also wanted to keep the lift as cheap as possible, but if it means i need to spend more to get better quality then that might have to be the way forward - i gues you cant have eberything in the quality, cost and time triangle lol.


    mech King
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