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Can Life exist if Clocks were not discovered?

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    And thus, is it feasable that if the Cosmos has life in other Galaxies, could they evolve without the discovery of Time Measurement Device's, namely clocks?

    What if the standard measure were just Length and Distance?..could a civilisation comprehend the Cosmos without Clocks?
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    "To see a World in a grain of sand, And Heaven in a wild flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour."

    William Blake

    Clocks just measure change. Comprehension is awareness of change, not necessarilly measurement.
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    exactley what i think. but when you say somesuch thing on one of the sience forums you get bombed by physics terminology that i understand just so that i can figure out that it is believed or even somewhat proved that time is a dimension of it's own.

    but in either case i don't think we would have to make a clock to live.Did homo habilis have a clock? hmm...but perhaps our comprehension of time, a dimension or whatever, is affected by our ability to change our environment faster.
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    Clocks are nothing but a tool. It is possible that culture somewhere in the galaxy to evolve without knowing how to make a clock, if fact humans did not always know how to make a clock.

    But are you asking if is its possible for an intelligent species to evolve without the concept of time, that would be difficult to swallow. Time is such an inherant and vital part of the universe that if a intelligent species had no concept of it, I would have a difficulty labeling them as intelligent.
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    Interesting, would you then be open to what some Physicists are advocating(?), that we can do away with the concept of Time?
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    No, and I don't think they is what they are advocating. I would perhaps be open to the idea that time's direction and magnitude are not constant.
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    Light, Gravity, and other forms of Physics would not existance without a concept of time. Even in motion, you would not understand. I don't know if all animals on earth have a definate concept of time, but they surely exist fine. And wisely, I believe. ****, alligators been around for what 400 millions years do you think they have a definative concept of time? Ferns? Intelligent or not is subjective. Wise or not is also. Knowledge is also.
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