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Can Light be Cut?And if so then what would it take.

  1. May 10, 2012 #1
    As far as I know it Light is composed of Photons.So what I am asking here is if those particles could be cut or split rather apart? What would it take to accomplish such a feat?

    Bonus Question:Can an electric current be cut?
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    A lightsaber?
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    so you are asking if you can split a photon in half ?
    I am not aware of that being able to be done

    yes ---- turn the supply off :smile:

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    Read the wikipedia article on elementary particles.
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    Good question Promeus. Excited atomic states take about 10 nanoseconds to emit a photon. So traveling at a speed of 10^8 meters/second, a typical visible photon would be about one meter long. What would happen if a shutter on a pin hole closed on a single photon while it was half-way through the pin hole?
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    I disagree with your reasoning. The time it may take for an atom to emit a photon cannot be used to measure the "size" of that photon. The photon does not start at nanosecond #1 and be continuously "emitted" during that entire 10 nanosecond duration. That 10 nanoseconds is the delay time before its emission.

    As far as I know, the photon cannot be said to have a physical size.
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    Photons are quantized, meaning you cannot get them in fractions, but only in positive integral multiples of [itex]h\nu[/itex]
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