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Programs Can one major in nuclear engineering and then go to into an MD/PhD program?

  1. Aug 6, 2009 #1
    I want to be a research doctor who specializes in how nuclear energy interacts with human tissues..especially neural tissues. I am 17 and will be starting my sophomore year of college at a nearby Uni, and will transfer wherever next year. I was thinking of majoring in neurobiology instead...but I like math and physics so much and am really interested in this one particular area! I would also love to do some nuclear engineering..particularly with devices that can do cool stuff..I want to do things. lol

    Has anyone else done that before? Would it be too much?? Thanks.
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    If you're interested in how radiation interacts with human tissues I would suggest you check out medical physics as a career option.

    MD/PhD programs rarely have the candidates enroll in physics or engineering. Usually, the PhD involves some aspect of medical science and is most often clinically oriented.
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