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A Can time be the cause of gravity's weakness and nonpolarity?

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    Is it possible that the reason why gravity is the weakest fundamental force is because it is disappearing into the distant future? Similar to string theory's notion that gravity dissipates into other dimensions, only in this case it is time it dissipates through? Radon 220 and radium 224 nuclei are known to take on a pear-like shape that the notion of time as an illusion cannot explain. Is it mathematically possible that truly irreversible time may cause most of gravity to disappear into the distant future and leaving only a small part to affect the present? Also, it is mathematically possible that truly irreversible time can make an otherwise polar force that interacts with it non-polar and additive, allowing gravity's interaction with time (such as time dilation) to explain why it is not polar like, say, electromagnetism which does not affect time?

    Given that dark energy affects only space and not time (the accelerating expansion of the Universe is an expansion of only space, not of space-time as it would cause time dilation) and is negative (gravity as we know it can only be positive), is it possible that dark energy is an example of a space only warping force that is stronger than gravity?
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    None of that is possible.
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    Can you provide the mathematical proof that it is fundamentally impossible?
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    That is not how physics works. You have to show that some approach has some merit (in this case: give peer-reviewed literature discussing it). Just putting some words together is not a hypothesis.

    I closed the thread. If you have publications discussing something like this, please send it to me, then I will reopen the thread.
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