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Can water be synthesised from carbohydrates by humans?

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    Just wondering if someone was dehydrating whether the elements in carbohydrates (or anything else for that matter) could be broken down and re-assembled into water by the human body. I'm gonna guess no, but it'd be interesting if we could...

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    Actually, carbs are a good source of water, and the breakdown of carbs does result in the formation of water (if I recall correctly). However, I'm not sure how your idea would work....the person would have to be consuming the carbs, wouldn't (s)he ?
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    if you were aboard ship with an inadequate supply of water for the trip
    and two types of rations each supplying the same number of calories
    should you eat the hi-carb rations
    or the hi-fat rations

    one of those clever biology people might actually know

    a person living on hi-carb rations might require less additional water to survive. it is conceivable though a strange idea
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