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I Can you identify these equations?

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    I have come across these equations elsewhere, but the context didn't give anything away about what they actually are. I assume they're both from a similar area, but that may not be necessarily true.

    I guess they're physics equations because of the presence of Planck's constant and c (speed of light?)

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    That's Dirac equation of a charged particle in a vector potential ##A## and scalar potential ##eA_0(x)##. I hope there are other members correcting me in case I am wrong or add something.
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    Thanks, is that just the top one, and is the bottom one involved as well? I had a look at Wikipedia and it seemed to involve gamma in some way, but it is well beyond my level of understanding.
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    About the top equation, I agree with blue_leaf77. The bottom one seems to be the definition of time-reversal operator to me where ## \hat K ## is the complex conjugation operator.
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