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Can you suggest a probability and statistics manual?

  1. Sep 2, 2015 #1

    I am a student in the Actuarial bachelor's degree. I've just finished my Stats and Probabilities class in which we completed the Introduction to Probability book by Ross. I really enjoyed this class and would like to continue studying this branch can you suggest a book that continues along this. I am pretty good in calculus etc as I am an actuarial student but I will admit that I don't have a theoretical math background (but would enjoy it) so if you could suggest a follow up book for me (or even subjects) I would greatly appreciate it. Basically, I've seen combinatorics, probability distributions (uni and multivariate), transformations, Tchebysheff and the Central Limit Theorem. Thank you in advance!

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    The best resource you can get is this site: http://www.math.uah.edu/stat/ It has nice and rigorous proofs. And it has nice simulations. It contains a LOT of material.

    I have compiled a pdf document with everything on the site for if you want to print it (but it's 3000 pages).
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    Alright I will look into it! Thank you!
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