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Prob/Stats References to Probability & Statistics for Engineers

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    I am looking for an introductory reference to the subjects 'Probability and Statistics' intended to be used for self study.By an introductory reference I mean an undergraduate level text that would teach me the subjects from the very basic to an advanced level.I wish to focus primarily on probability even though a brief introduction to statistics would be a bonus in a single textbook.

    Please note that I am not looking for a text that deals with some unnecessary mathematical complexities or some rigorous analysis as would the requirements for a student of pure mathematics.Rather I would be satisfied with a book primarily dedicated to engineers or scientists that would teach the subject well enough for practical life applications.In case there happens to be a text that was not penned exclusively focusing upon the requirements of engineers or scientists but is appropriate enough to be used as a reference please feel free to recommend.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    I suggest getting two books: "Understanding Probability" by Tijms and "Schaums Outline Of Probability" by Seymour Lipschutz. The Shaums outline series shows how to work "textbook" problems. The biggest problem people have in applying probability and statistics to real life problems is understanding the nature of probability, not finding a formula for something once they understand what they are after. So I recommend the Tijms book as an aid to understanding.
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