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Can you theorize on what I winessed?

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    I have recently witnessed a jet disappear INTO what I would call a worm-hole. Any de-bunkers care to take this on?
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    Seek therapy.

    - Warren
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    cannot theorize wihout a full description of the events you witnessed.
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    the answer

    Yes, I've seen the effect you incorrectly alluded to as a 'wormhole'. It occurs when a plane breaks the sound barrier. What happens is that a conical vapor of water and atmospheric gas, is emitted from the jets nose tip and extends outwards around the plane (in a symetical cone shape) and thus the plane 'appears' to be flying into it. Its caused by sound waves which become loud enough (great enough amplitude) to vaporize the air in front of the plane. Its a very simple effect. I have seen several videos of it before. :smile:
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    Nice answer, far more effective than dreck like "seek therapy."

    Does this cone of vapor make the plane appear to disappear?
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    not to nitpick.. but i would rephrase "appear to disappear"... because matter can't just disappear. So if it appears to disappear, it disappeared.
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    Picture of jet sonic boom vapour trail

    Enjoy this nice photo. It was taken just after the initial boom was emitted from the nose and wings. Depending on the design of the aircraft, the vapour trail can either be more predominant at the plane's nose (as your 'warp' observation stated) or the vapour trail can be more predominant at the wings. This is largely a result of an interesting effect where the plane's nose's wake can take a path over the wings, whereupon they are further subjected to the sonic boom of the wings. Whereas some planes, newer ones especially, have noses that deflect the wake around the wings as much as possible. Therefore, it is my guess that you witnessed a fairly recent model airplane with the aforementioned wake-dispersal technology. Another word for wakes, is 'vertices'. Google search that if you'd like to know more about it.

    Picture is attached.

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    Read the text under the picture too

    The text gives the specifics for the picture taken, read it for a good understanding.
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