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Canadian mathematicians model zombie attack

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    good to know! :tongue: & it would probably make learning about systems of ODEs much more interesting (or zombie movies much less interesting):


    they include the citation but not an actual link to the article, which is on robert smith's U of Ottawa page:
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    I can picture math teachers everywhere rejoicing that finally their students will pay attention.
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    MITACS actually funded this. :rofl:
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    so did nserc. your tax dollars at work!
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    The world does not need to be convinced in the flexibility of mathematics to be used to solve various problems. This research is an embarrassment.
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    You say that now, but when they attack...
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    Your lack of humor does not justify condemning others who find joy in their work.

    You go on studying abstract populations of type S, Z, and R. I'm going to study zombies. :tongue:
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    Scientists are always the first ones to die.

    Because viewers hold less empathy to them as, let's say, the hot female protagonist.
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    Nice! I just nominated this research for the Ig Nobel prize.
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