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Caravan bunk bed design

  1. Nov 13, 2006 #1
    Caravan bunk bed design....


    I am in the process of designing a bunkbed for a caravan as my 2nd year mech eng design project. I have come up with a design show in the link

    Im thinking of using a sliding lock mechanism very much similar to the one shown here http://www.misumi-europe.com/eucatalogue/pdf/04/E_0293-0294.pdf" [Broken]. These are meant for drawers though so would it be possible to attach these vertically to the wall of the caravan. The bunk weighs approximately 12kg and when in use should be able to support a user weight of 90kg - could someone please give me an idea and suggestions as to how i would go about the neccessary force calculations to determine how to design the two swing down supports i have in my initial idea. Would 2 of these slide rails be able to support this load in use?

    Thanks for the help, much appreciated
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    Sorry if I'm missing the obvious, but what do you mean by caravan? Do you mean a Dodge Caravan minivan? Or do you mean caravan in some other context?
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    i mean a caravan - mobile home. not the car.
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    Ah, got it. Although here in the States, mobile homes are trailer homes that are unhitched and do not move, and we call the mobile ones "Recreational Vehicles"


    One last clarifying question, and then I'll get out of the way (I'm not an ME). You mention the 12kg bed weight and 90kg load, but you do not specify the g-forces that the bed may experience while the caravan is driving over bumpy roads. Is there a specification for these transient accelerations?
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