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Career Guidance for 11th grader in Science

  1. Oct 13, 2013 #1
    The first thing you probably noticed was how broad I was with the term science. Basically in a small sop story, ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a "scientist" at first it was fir mixing magical potions and becoming invisible but as time passed I think it's more the sheer thrill of the idea of being a pioneer someone to discover something no one else has. But sop story over next year I need to pick my main 5. With due modesty I have a natural aptitude for math and out of all the scientific fields I like the concept of physics despite the apparent job insecurity but have a love for physical chemistry and don't find any of these subjects unusually challenging. I know I am young to start thinking of these now but I am not afraid to self teach myself outside of the school curriculum and if my interest waers so be it but for now I'm just interested at narrowing down a career and learning what to studt for that general area.

    Please note that though ignorant I admit to it and would appreciate it if you informed me politely of ant oversites.

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    Its probably better to think about what you want to do rather than what you want to be called. In any case, getting a career where you are called a "scientist" can be quite hard.

    I would look at the thread in this forum titled "So you want to be a physicist" for insights into the process.

    edit - here is a link, https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=240792 Its in the academic sub-forum, not this sub-forum.
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    It's not so much the title as the meaning. As insecure a Job as it would be I think I would love a job where there is not a mandatory task that you've already been done a hundred times only to do it a hundred more and the biggest frontier in that kind of job environment seems to be the field of study we call science. I really don't care if I'm referred to as the garbage man I just want to enjoy the my job and feel a satisfaction in my work
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