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Math Career in Applied Math

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    I'm trying to get a sense of what the job opportunities are in applied and industrial math, in particular scientific computing and modeling.

    I'm thinking about pursuing this as a career but have found it rather hard to find much specific information. Does this imply these sorts of jobs are rather specialized and difficult to come by?

    I realize I could probably take a generic programing job out fresh out of school but I'd like to really nail down what opportunities there are in industrial math for people with a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Applied Math, is there a job board somewhere that lists jobs like this? I can't much of anything!
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    I don't know about scientific computing, but I suspect you'd need at least a master's or some specialized work experience. You might try looking at larger engineering departments - they sometimes hire math undergrads for analysis jobs.

    You could always try to swap to a more business oriented route too and get into something like operations research or finance. Applied math is so broad that there really isn't one good answer or typical career path. It depends what you are interested in.
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    Operations research analysts: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos044.htm
    Actuaries: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos041.htm

    They have all of the typical finance jobs listed on BLS too. All of these types of jobs will be pretty competitive. Most of the more typical finance jobs are less math intensive and will pick from a very broad applicant pool. There are a lot more of all of these than scientific jobs for undergrads though.
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