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Carnegie Mellon?

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    Does anyone know if Carnegie Mellon University or the University of Chicago have good undergraduate math programs?

    Realizing that it's difficult to predict, does anyone think I have a shot at getting accepted to Carnegie Mellon or the University of Chicago? I'm enrolled in a full I.B. Diploma program and am an anticipated canidate. I have a non-weighted G.P.A. of 4.0 and have a composite score of 30 on the A.C.T. (I had a fantastically bad test day and I think I may be able to improve that score by a few points, I'm taking the test again so we'll see). By the time I graduate, I'll have completed linear algebra, single and multivariable calculus, an introductory calculus based physics course as well as two other algebra based physics courses.

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    The University of Chicago has a good undergraduate math program. Paul Sally, the director of undergraduate studies, cares a lot about undergraduate teaching (and mathematics education in general). He teaches an honors analysis course that is known for being difficult but rewarding.

    You definitely have a good shot at getting accepted to UChicago, especially if you apply early action. While your stats look fine, just remember that the acceptance is somewhat largely dependent on the quality of your essays.

    I also think you have a good shot at CMU as well. While I don't think CMU has one of the best undergrad math programs, I am sure it is very strong. The introductory analysis course there uses Apostol Calculus and from what I've gathered, the course is slightly more advanced than the ubiquitous honors calculus course taught from Spivak at many other universities (such as UChicago).

    UChicago is very expensive, so definitely take money into consideration. Also look into some other schools such as UMichigan, which has a good undergraduate math program but is probably not as expensive (especially if you can get scholarship).
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    Thanks for the input. Do you know if UChicago and Carnegie Mellon have good undergraduate physics programs?
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